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  • Outstanding!! We lost our precious little baby and wanted his remains cremated. We called and made an appointment the same day we called to see them. We were told on the phone not to worry about anything, we just needed to come in and sign a few papers. We were also pleasantly surprised to learn that they perform this service essentially for free. $100.00 cremation fee and $50.00 medical examiner free. That's it, unless you would like to buy keepsake urns for a very reasonable price. Btw....This is in STARK CONTRAST to another funeral pallor we called in the area (well known in downtown Barrington) who gave us a problem on the phone about death certificates/paperwork that we'd have to get and then told us due to the baby being born in Chicago they would charge us $250.00 to just pick him up. To top that off when we called the next day to see if we could meet with them we were told they were too busy and could we try them another day. Shame on them!! Bravo to the Morizzo Funeral Home!!!! I hope not to have to use them again for decades, but when we do they now have a lifelong customer.
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    Heather H., January 07, 2016

  • When I lost my husband, I called Ross Morizzo; at Morizzo Funeral Home & Cremation Services. I had met Ross at a business meeting. I learned that Morizzo was a third generation family business. When I went to their new facility, Ross was there to greet me. It was warm and friendly with lots of natural light that made me feel like I was walking into a friend's living room. I had no experience with making funeral of cremation arrangements; and Ross sensitively helped me with choices and decisions. Every aspect of dealing with the loss of a loved one was taken care of for me. The services offered by Morizzo Funeral Home were wonderful and my family and friends felt welcomed and comfortable. I highly recommend Morizzo Funeral Home and Cremation Services.
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    Shirley Mitchell, July 12, 2016

  • I can't thank the Morizzo family enough for everything they've done for my family. Both Tony and Ross were extremely helpful with meeting our wants; and the services they provided made my Dad's memorial a very special event!!!
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    Ken Cholewczynski, March 15, 2016

  • My brother passed away unexpectedly and under difficult circumstances on a Thursday morning. We researched several funeral homes and it was a Godsend to find Morizzo Funeral Home. Tony and Ross are so compassionate, sympathetic, friendly, and professional to the utmost. The facility is extremely clean and hygienic, while also being incredibly beautiful. I cannot say enough about how well they treated us and worked around our needs, both of these men are cut out for the job. The kitchen facility, bathrooms, lobby, and the visitation rooms are GORGEOUS. Ample parking. This is first-rate service, all the more impressive considering they are dealing with grieving family members. Thank you, Tony and Ross - your support, caring and concern has given my family great peace.
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    Kat J., August 11, 2015

  • Family owned & operated. Staff very caring & can help you with all your arrangements, from flowers to lunch and everything in between. Lots of parking, & easy to get to. The lobby is tastefully decorated & comfy seating.
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    Sharon H., September 23, 2015

  • In the wee hours, between inspired bouts of 'family dynamics', my mother died in hospice and by mid-morning I was starting to get annoyed by the busy-bodies, slobs, and meddlers who wanted to make this about them; Tony and Ross helped put an end to that. With my sister-in-law along for support we discussed what would be appropriate and dignified for the visitation. I then introduced some of the 'requests' from family and mother's close friends with suggestions about how to incorporate them without too much todo. Tony assured me that these would not present any difficulty especially as it would help ease the sorrow. The location itself is conveniently situated, easy in/out with protected turns off Barrington road with ample parking. The facility is clean and well kept, well accoutered and tastefully decorated in a soft palate. The dining area is large with abundant seating, serving, and staging/storage space. The restrooms are tidy and clean-clean. Ross handled the closing well, warmly inviting everyone into the hall and tactfully offering an inclusive prayer for solace and then making a brief announcement about the funeral service. The Morizzo's were most considerate and accommodating to our needs, never a word about adjustments minor or significant. They were professional but not cold when dealing with the necessary legalities, contracts, and other paperwork. All in all they are pleasant gentlemen with whom to attend to the final indignities of life.
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    Daniel P., April 24, 2016

  • Compassionate, genuine concern, professional with dignity and respect. Morizzo will handle the services when it's my time.
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    Terri Ciolli, October 15, 2015

  • This October 31st will be one year I lost my Dad. Tony and Ross were wonderful and very caring during a very difficult time. They put our worries at ease and everything turned out beautifully. I can't imagine going through such a difficult journey without their help! A BIG thank you to the Morizzo family!!
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    Maria Kepes, September 27, 2015

  • Unfortunately, back too soon. I originally wrote a review in summer of 2015, but my Dad died in February 2016, so, we were back again. We like Tony (the Dad) and Ross (his son) even more the second time around. Ross came to pick up my Dad at hospice upon his passing and greeted us like family; hugs and condolences for everyone. My brother-in-law was confused; he's like, "do we know this guy???" Yes, unfortunately, we're getting to know our funeral parlor owners-of-choice a little more than we'd like to. Once again they made every decision as easy as possible. I'd not met Tony during previous arrangements with my Uncle, but, did so on this occasion. Tony is the perfect amount of compassion and stand-up-comedian. He made us laugh when it was appropriate and let us cry when that's all we could do. We cannot recommend their business enough. Oh, and then my parents neighbor died in March; back again. Here's hoping we can create some distance between us and the Morizzo's (... nothing personal Ross!)
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    Sheryl Z., April 24, 2016