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Hindu Funeral Rituals & Traditions

Hinduism is one of the largest religions in the world. It originates from India and has different denominations, beliefs and customs. Hinduism centers around reincarnation and the belief that the soul, or atman, moves into another body or life form until the soul finds its true nature. It makes sense for reincarnation to also be the foundation for Hindu funeral rituals and traditions, which are often called antyesti, or last sacrifice.

Hindus believe the body can prevent the soul from leaving and reincarnating, which is why most Hindu funerals take place as quickly as possible; the entire funeral service often occurs one to two days after death and focuses on helping release the deceased’s soul so it can start its reincarnation transition. The Hindu funeral also serves to honor the deceased and celebrate their life.

A Hindu funeral will often start with a funeral visitation or wake, which takes place at our funeral home. This brief service allows the mourners to look at the body but not touch it, and a Hindu priest will lead the mourners in songs, chants, mantras, hymns or scripture. Immediately following the wake, the cremation ceremony, or mukhagni, is performed so the soul can sever ties with the body and move toward reincarnation. The body goes feet-first into the crematorium while mourners gather and recite prayers during the cremation. The ashes are then scattered in a sacred or important place.

At Morizzo Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we understand each family has its own cultural traditions and rituals, which is why we can meet your personal preferences and needs with our funeral and cremation services. We are here to help you plan a Hindu funeral and cremation ceremony that best suits you and your family’s customs and traditions, whether if it is traditional or non-traditional. Please review our price list below, or you can contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you.

Price List

Preparation of the Deceased$400
Facilities for Visitation and Service (2 Hours)$900
Hindu Cloth-covered Casket$450
Service Charge$1,900
Cremation Charge$350
Witness at Crematory$350
Cremation Permit$150
Sales Tax$45